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A few years ago I was squatting along the edge of Lake Rotorua in New Zealand getting a shot of the sulfur steam rising in front of a gorgeous sunrise. A Korean man approached me and asked what I saw that he didn’t so I had him squat with his camera and take the same picture from the same spot. Three days later, since it’s a small world and all, I ran into the man again on Bondi Beach in Australia. He was ecstatic and wanted to take a picture with me. Only a love of photography and some serendipity could dissolve the language barriers between an American gal and and Korean man so that they’d share the same photograph in New Zealand and get to giggle about it a few days later in Australia.

See, many of life’s most beautiful moments are about timing. And that’s why photography is so important to me and why I want to capture these kinds of moments for others. Whether I’m shooting weddings, engagement photos, mitzvahs, animal hellos or goodbyes, birthday parties, family portraits, or sexy holiday calendars for significant others, my goal is to capture the essence of the moment in a way that artistically and aesthetically conjures feelings of fun, love and happiness.

Even as a kid, capturing these moments inspired me to pose my cats among stuffed animals or construct a backdrop with props for my friends for our own version of “Glamor Shots”. My love for aesthetics extends in to many parts of my life such as interior design, dancing, cooking, coaching cheerleading and even teaching pedagogy. And since photography is a passion and hobby rather than a main source of income, I am a able to keep the prices for my services quite competitive.

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Sarah Fillman

Website: Enoch Hsiao enoch.hsiao@gmail.com | Logo: Janine Awan janineoawan@gmail.com | Favorite DJs to work with: Escapist Entertainment: http://www.escapist-entertainment.com/

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